Charlotte, NC residents need to know that estate planning is an important process that protects you financially and personally. Estate planning attorneys serve many functions related to your desires for your belongings and assets after you pass away. Estate planning attorneys are most often involved with asset disbursement through document creation.

These documents include trusts, wills or other estate planning records that lay out stipulations of what will happen after you die. A living will communicates your declarations regarding your wishes if you become physically or mentally incapacitated.

While the initial drafting of these documents is the cornerstone of estate planning, attorneys also help clients with many other issues including income tax concerns or initiating the process of collecting the death benefits from life insurance policies. An estate planning attorney will also oversee any checking accounts and prepare for any estate or gift taxes that will be due. Plus, estate planning attorneys can provide guidance about retirement planning.

At Meek Law Firm, the estate planning process begins with your initial consultation with attorney Jonathan Meek. He will ask you a series of questions about your individual situation and address your immediate concerns. The information he gathers will be used to generate the necessary planning documents to protect your wealth and well-being both while you’re alive and after you pass away.

There are financial and personal benefits to proper estate planning. Financial benefits include the ability to preserve and grow your assets, protecting these for your own future and for your beneficiaries. Personally, you’ll feel peace of mind knowing that your advanced medical directives and powers of attorney are aligned with your personal needs and desires.

Estate planning is not a process you should engage in on your own. Tax laws and estate planning stipulations can be extremely complex and are best navigated with the assistance of a licensed lawyer. Hiring an experienced estate planning attorney like Jonathan Meek is the best way to ensure your plans and desires are recognized and carried out during your lifetime and beyond.

As you can see, the decisions involved with estate planning are too important to entrust to just any lawyer. Meek Law Firm will make sure that your health directives and asset disbursement documents are ironclad and will be handled exactly as you desire. Call (704) 848-6335 or use the contact form on the right of this page to schedule a consultation appointment with Meek Law Firm.